Toilet Repair and Toilet Replacement in South Pasadena, CA

The commodes in your home are used often throughout the day. They need to be working properly to make sure you or your family members are not inconvenienced. Repeated clogs and leaky toilets need to be fixed right away. At My South Pasadena Plumber Hero, we know you need to take care of plumbing problems right away or risk costly repairs and major inconveniences down the road. This is the reason we contract with a team of highly trained plumbers who are on-call for you 24 hours a day!

Our Plumbing Pros Fix Leaky Toilets

Are you familiar with the signs of a leaky toilet? Certain toilet leaks are obvious; whereas other times a leak is elusive. Consider the following questions when determining if you have a leak present in one or more of the toilets in your home:

  1. Have you observed water leaking from the bottom of the toilet? This is a signal that the toilet seal needs replacement. If your toilet was just installed and is leaking, it is a safe bet to assume the installation was done incorrectly.
  2. Occasionally the water in the tank may flow back into the toilet bowl. Toilet bowl water that has waves or ripples in it is a signal that you have a leak. If you’re uncertain whether or not a leak exists, access the tank and place a tiny amount of food dye into the water and do not flush the toilet. Wait a few minutes and then check to see if the water in the bowl is colored? If color is present, a leak exists.
  3. After you flush the toilet, how long does the water run? Does the toilet seem to flush on its own? These are clues that the commode is leaking water in the tank.

Obvious leaks around the base of the toilet can cause water damage, but elusive leaks can result in high water bills. If you believe there is a leak, call for plumbing service right away.

You Can Avoid Clogged Toilets

Yes, you can stop clogged toilets. Most barriers occur due to simple mistakes. Maybe you or another family member is using too much toilet tissue. Blockages can also appear when feminine hygiene items are flushed. Do you regularly flush facial tissues or paper towels? These products are not intended to break apart in the water like regular toilet tissue and can lead to problems in your pipes.

Small children can present problems too. Although you may think you have an eye on your toddler every minute of the day, kiddos are fast and sneaky. Your toddler can effortlessly slip away unnoticed while you’re making lunch or talking on the phone and flush toys and other object down the toilet. You won’t have any clue of their mischievous ways until the toilet starts to overflow. Homes with small children may want to consider installing toilet locks.

New Toilet Replacement

Is toilet repair not an option? Do you want to upgrade to a high efficiency toilet? Give us a call and let one of our skilled plumbers go over your options and explain our toilet installation process.

Arrange for same-day toilet repair or toilet replacement in South Pasadena, CA, today!