Detect Slab Leaks Faster with Qualified Electronic Leak Inspections – Call Your Friendly, Neighborhood Plumbing Company for Assistance

Do you know the signs of a slab leak? If you own a home, it is important that you are aware of the signs of a foundation leak. Homeowners who are able to distinguish certain characteristics of below ground leaks sooner rather than later increase their chances of avoiding a major breakdown of their home’s structural integrity.

At My South Pasadena Plumber Hero, our main objective is to always provide our customers with superior leak detection services that are precise and reliable. We are committed to delivering quality repairs and answering your immediate questions about all types of plumbing leaks 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

6 Signs of Slab Leaks

Let’s take a moment to talk about the signs of a slab leak. Although these plumbing leaks are known as masters of hide and seek, the truth is there are ways to determine if you may have a slab leak by paying attention to certain visual clues.

  1. High water bills – Is your water bill getting bigger and bigger each month? It could be an indication that your slab leak is getting worse.
  2. Running water in your walls – If all of your plumbing fixtures are turned off, you shouldn’t hear water running.
  3. Hot spots on your flooring – Everyone likes heated floors, but these aren’t the good kind. Warm spots beneath your feet could indicate a puncture within the hot water line below your home.
  4. Cracks and crevices – If your foundation is cracking, contact a leak detection specialist immediately. It could be normal settling, but it may also be a sign that water is leaking and breaking down your foundation.
  5. Mold growth – The formation of mold is the direct result of moisture. If you can’t figure out where the moisture is coming from, it could be a slab leak.
  6. Puddles – Unless you spilled a bucket of water, if you find puddles on your floor it’s time to call the professionals for help.

Electronic Leak Detection

All of our contractors use electronic leak detection to find hidden leaks. We’ll never break your slab to find a leak. That’s our promise to you! Call today and learn more about our top-rated leak detection services and water heater repair in South Pasadena, California.