Speedy, Affordable Sewer Repair and Replacement in South Pasadena, CA

Is your home’s sewer system not working the way it should? Have you had problems with multiple drains backing up at once? If so, it sounds like you need sewer service. We offer same-day sewer repair and replacement in South Pasadena to help you fix these problems once and for all.

Keep reading to learn more about how My South Pasadena Plumber Hero can come to rescue today!

How to Tell If You Need Sewer Repairs

Most sewer problems start off small and gradually build. Luckily, when homeowners catch issues early, they don’t get hit with major repairs and water damage. The key to early detection is scheduling regular sewer inspections, but also paying close attention for warning signs. If you’re having any of the following problems at your home, call sewer contractors in South Pasadena, CA, right away:

  • Several drains backing up at once
  • Sluggish drains
  • Raw sewage in toilets or sinks
  • Wet, smelly spots along the sewer line
  • Bad odors coming from floor drains

Don’t wait around for these problems to correct themselves. Instead, call us to figure out what’s going on ASAP!

We Repair and Replace Sewer Lines for Less

Have you heard of trenchless sewer line repair and replacement? This is wonderful technology that corrects most sewer issues without digging up your property to reach the sewer line. Everything is done remotely and only requires one or two access points to reach the pipe. Our team of sewer contractors uses pipe bursting and pipe lining methods to fix problems in clay, cast-iron, concrete, and plastic piping. Call us today to learn more about this innovative method for repairing sewer pipes.

Emergency Sewer Repair Services

We don’t want you to wait to get sewer repair service. In fact, the longer you wait, the worse the situation can get. We go out of our way to offer low-cost, emergency sewer service in South Pasadena, CA. When you call us, we respond quickly and work with you to find the best solutions.

If you find yourself with a busted sewer pipe or raw sewage backing up into your sinks or tubs, trust that we’ll take care of you around the clock. Call us anytime to get quality, professional plumbing replacement services.