Before You Call for Toilet Leak Repair Check for these Problems

South Pasadena plumbers available 24/7 for Toilet Leak RepairAfter flushing the commode, does the toilet continue to run? Does it fill and refill without ever being flushed? When this happens, there is likely a leak that needs repaired. Some kinds of leaks need professional toilet leak repair, while other problems handy homeowners may be able to fix without placing a service call.  Here are some parts of the toilet you can check to see what is causing the problem.

Perform a Water Level Check

One of the easiest ways to check for a leak is to record the water level in the toilet tank. Take a marker and mark where the water is. Next turn off the water to the toilet. Check the tank after an hour or two. If the water level has fallen, you know a leak exists between the tank and the bowl.

Faulty Flappers

The rubber flapper in a toilet’s tank can easily tear or breakdown over time. When this happens, it doesn’t create a tight seal and water can get through. This will cause the toilet to run without turning off. Replacing this flapper is simple. Home improvement stores sell replacement flappers for less than five dollars and can be replaced in under five minutes.

Examine the Fill Valve

A leak in the fill valve can also cause the water to run nonstop. You can check for this problem by flushing the toilet and lifting the float arm while the tank is refilling. Adjust the arm so the water stops filling about 6 inches or so below the overflow pipe. When the float arm is in this position, you should be able to notice if there is a leak in the valve.

Call for Toilet Leak Repair Sooner than Later

Allowing a toilet leak to continue without repairs is wasting as much as 200 gallons of water daily. Why flush your hard-earned money down the toilet? If you’re not able to make repairs yourself or think that another problem may exist, call your friendly South Pasadena plumber. We’ll get a licensed plumber to your home in 90 minutes or less to examine and diagnose the problem – guaranteed.

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